When is We Need to Go Deeper coming out?

We‘re not currently announcing any official release dates. We're only three dudes,
so development can fluctuate at the best of times, but we're just as eager to play
the finished product as you guys are, so rest assured we are working hard on getting it done.
But we like to stay transparent about development so if you keep up with our Devlog you’ll
have some idea of how close we are.

What platforms will it be released on?

At the moment we're only looking to release Deeper on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.
We've been Greenlit on Steam, so stay tuned to our Twitter, Facebook or Devlog so you can get out
and buy it when release day comes!

What is a "Rogue-like?"

A rogue-like, or "Procedural Death Labyrinth," as it's starting to be called, is a genre of
games that involves randomized levels for every play through, perma-death (meaning once you die you
start the game from the top), and in our case, a whole lot of unlockable weapons, items, and tools.
Not every rogue-like is the same, and in that spirit, we're putting a few of our own twists on the
genre as well. Some notable rogue-likes include FTL, Spelunky, and Dungeons of Dredmor, among many others.

Will it have LAN/Online Multiplayer?

Yes and yes! We personally think the game is best played locally networked with friends, because
shouting orders at one-another and being able to physically assault a team-member for their inadequacy is
all a part of the Deeper experience; but hey, to each their own.

Do I have to have four players to play?

The game is designed so that two players will be able to operate the submarine just fine. But the more
players you have, the more equipment and tools that your team will have at your disposal, by virtue of there
being more hands on deck, so to speak. We're working on implementing a difficulty curve system to accommodate
lower player numbers as well. 

What about Single Player?

We Need to go Deeper is mainly designed to be a cooperative experience. With that said, we do recognize the
value of being able to go adventuring on your own. Our team has discussed this quite a lot, and while it is
possible to play the game by yourself, it isn't the way the game was designed to be played. Bots and smaller
subs have been thrown around as possibilities to accommodate single players, but again, our main focus is to
deliver a great co-op experience. No promises, but we would certainly like to have it as an option if at all possible.

Will there be PVP modes?

At this time there are no plans for implementing any kind of PVP (Player vs Player) modes in Deeper.

Can I Monetize Videos of We Need to Go Deeper?

Absolutely! We encourage and allow all Let’s Plays, Reviews, Previews, etc. of We Need to Go Deeper.
Y’all have our expressed permission to monetize said videos as much as you like.

Why aren't there more Frequently Asked Questions here?

Mostly because we're so early in development, and we haven't gotten tons of questions just yet! By all means
help us change that and send us all of your questions to interactivedeli@gmail.com or fill out our simple contact
form so we can start filling up this page with more of your questions!